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And We're Back!

While classes just started up this past week, activity (and anticipation) on-campus has been building steadily for the last month.
While some Burke students returned to in-person as early as November 2020, others elected to remain remote through the previous school year. We were also fortunate to welcome nearly 90 new students this fall, some of whom have been learning at home for 18 months.

Given this broad range of experiences, extra bonding and orienting were crucial – as were building scavenger hunts and new school photos.

In mid-August, our high school athletes returned for pre-season training for soccer, volleyball, and cross country; our middle school athletes joined in the following week. At the end of the month, all students were invited to three days of Orientation activities – traditionally, such activities would only last a few hours.

Classes officially began on Wednesday, September 8, following a newly-designed schedule – which retains some of the simplicity of last year's schedule (four class periods each day), but brings back the variety from years past (multi-day rotating schedule with Monday "late starts"). 

While safety protocols remain significant (and essential), the exuberance among students and teachers has been undeniable.
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