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Combustion Engine Grants

Before the school year concludes, the Professional Development Committee awards Combustion Engine Grants, which enable faculty to enrich their teaching and curricula in innovative ways – and this summer's process is now underway, with proposals due by May 17.
Past Combustion Engine-funded projects have included:

  • Modernizing the texts and implement personalized learning, social justice pedagogy, and project-based learning in a redesign of the English 10 curriculum
  • Joining the Mastery Transcript Consortium, taking advantage of online resources to pilot mastery learning in various places in the curriculum
  • Integrating coding into the MS Science curriculum and develop activities and lessons
  • Collaborating on an interdisciplinary investigation into women in US History and Literature, using the research to enhance coursework
  • Traveling to China to gain first-hand experience and then integrating primary materials into the 9th Grade's Chinese Studies course

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