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History in Three Dimensions

In Ginger A.’s Ancient World class, students were challenged to reproduce, three-dimensionally, a chosen aspect of an ancient African, Mesomerican, Andean, or Pacific Oceanic society. 
Work was rich and varied, including:
  • Ha Sikil Pa'k by Bailee C. '24 - this Mayan-inspired pumpkin seed dip reportedly looked better than it ultimately tasted
  • Mayan temple construction by Joshua P. '24 - who finally found an academic use for all those stray Amazon boxes
  • Nan Madol map by Sawyer S. '24 - repurposed legos served as volcanic rock in his construction of an ancient Micronesian city on Pohnpei
  • An Axum obelisk, designed and built outdoors by Graham V. 24.
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