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Grade Gatherings & Bonding

We were so excited to see our 6th-10th graders back on (and around) the Burke campus during the second week of November!
6th grade enjoyed a visit to the National Zoo, plus some highly anticipated cupcakes. 7th grade played a few games, then creatively spruced up the outdoor space, while Susan H. (Dean of the Middle School) reported that the 8th grade had a wonderful time on their hike through Rock Creek, starting at Beach Drive. They are following up with a movie night in our back lot this coming Friday.
9th grade took a low-key stroll around Van Ness while catching up (and reportedly there was a debate about the best superhero modes of transportation), while 10th grade also enjoyed the nice weather near the Rock Creek Nature Center. Juniors and seniors will join us on Monday the 16th, at Rock Creek Park and on campus respectively. 
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