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Amy C. on Science Friday

Fan of Science Friday on public radio? Today, "SciFri" will launch its new Summer Institute, "a virtual conference for K-12 educators aimed at connecting their classroom practice with the stories of scientists" – and Amy C. (Middle School Science) will serve as a co-facilitator and the middle grade leader for the institute.
In Amy's own words:

"I am so excited to learn about megafauna and extinction with Palebiologist Advait Jukar. Did you know that animals weighing more than 100 lbs are classified as megafauna and any animal weighing more than 2000 lbs is considered super megafauna?
"The goal of this conference is to connect science teachers with scientists. This way, teachers will gain a better understanding of scientific principles and be able to share that knowledge by potentially creating STEM resources for Science Friday. This way everyone wins!"
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