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Emily '25

Started in 6th Grade – "Burke is definitely a place that makes you feel at home."
Hometown: Washington, DC
Current Grade: 9th

Favorite class: Spanish 4 with Mónica
Favorite campus spot: The Chorus Room

What is a memorable moment for you?
At the beginning of the year, [Head of School] Damian was making jokes for assembly and when he was proctoring lunch. I remember him making me tear up because of how cheesy and funny they were.

How would you describe Burke to a new student?
Burke accepts you for who you are. The teachers are so understanding in any situation, and there are always people there to help you.

> Emily's schedule in 2022-23:

Advanced Chorus (Winter/Spring)
Algebra 2
AP Spanish Language and Culture
Ceramics 9/10 (Fall)
Conceptual Chemistry
Health, Values, and Ethics 10
Modern World History
Modern World Literature
Singing in the Spotlight (Fall) - pictured below in Spring 2022

Activities: Cageliner (newspaper), Latine/Hispanic Student Union, Feminist Cooperature, Fundraising Club

Co-ed, progressive, college prep school in Washington, DC featuring a challenging curriculum in an inclusive environment for grades 6-12.