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Distance Learning Testimonial - 6th Grade

6th Grade Parent

Burke's adaption to distance learning happened so fast and was done so well it felt like a magic trick.
The teachers have continued to refine the program and the tech, increasing the amount of time that kids spend together as a class community and simplifying the schedules as well as the logistics of working online. We've really appreciated the cadence of communication from the Head of School, staff, and teachers. The teachers seem to be available to the kids at all hours, so much so that I worry about them.

As we all know, this situation is hard emotionally, mentally, even physically. There's no substitute for the stimulation of being at school, interacting with classmates and teachers throughout the day. Connection, whenever possible, helps. Our son's birthday was the day after the school closed. A few weeks ago, a birthday package arrived with a note from all of his teachers. He beamed with happiness. The 6th grade teachers are also coordinating birthday video montages for students with messages from all of their classmates.

The kids, too, are taking the initiative to stay connected. One of the 6th graders organized a weekly video hangout for the entire class, and there is a constant stream of sports-related texts among our son's closest pals. Perhaps this experience is knitting the kids together in unexpected ways.

A surprise upside to these months of distance learning is that our son, a bit of a cut-up in class, has developed a stronger sense of responsibility and investment in his school work. He really is working hard.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of what Burke has accomplished is that the staff has somehow conveyed the warm spirit and care of the school over the internet. Amid all of the uncertainty and stress of the pandemic, our son's school experience continues to be a source of positivity and stability. We know he's in good hands.

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