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You Stood Up for What Burke Stands For ...

Stand With Burke: Campaign Donors

List of 8 items.

  • $500,000 and above

    Carol and Ed Warner
  • $250,000-$499,999

    Jeffrey S. and Sharon L. Davis
    Brian McMaster and Kathleen Strouse
    Morillo Family
    Kira Swencki and Michael Mihalke
  • $100,000-$249,999

    Richard and Emily Alexander
    Blake and Sydney Bath
    Stephen and Diana Goldberg
    Sue and Peter Keisler
    Linda and Rob Lorndale
    Steven and Gayle Neufeld
    Hadley Boyd and John Parachini
    Gil Strobel and Janine Goodman
    Bill and Serena Wiltshire
  • $75,000-$99,999

    Anonymous (3)
    Anne and Todd Barnes
    Wendy and Milo Cividanes
    Meredith Jason and Christopher Conte
    Marie Collins and Nick Keenan
    Cathy Creech and Britt Reynolds
    Geralyn and Martin Lobel
    Frank and Sylvia White 
  • $50,000-$74,999

    Anonymous (3)
    Joseph Clark and Keisha Streeter-Clark
    Danielle Feuillan and Lee Benaka
    Carlos Garcia and Lucinda Eng-Garcia
    Richard and Victoria Gersten
    John Jenkins and Joseph Catlett
    Andrew and Julia Klingenstein
    Barry and Cheryl Ohlson
    David Shapiro and Scott Kenison
    David and Pamela Sislen
    Scott and Linda Weidman
  • $25,000-$49,999

    Anonymous (3)
    Rennie and Kai Anderson
    Svein and Michele Backer
    Eric Carter and Elizabeth Herrington
    Haining Chen and Huli Guo
    The Donovan Family
    Rebecca Gray and John Chesley
    Michael and Rena Gordon
    Thomas and Jacqueline Fine
    Jill Johnson and Margaret Roddy
    Gretchen Lamberg and Michael Gruber
    Brett and Janet Lambert
    Lisa and Greg Means
    Joel and Thonya Nelson
    Liz Singer and Steve Weisbrod
  • $10,000-$24,999

    Margaret Bath
    Amy Cataldo and Stuart Turner
    Ron Del Sesto and Rachel Tillman
    The Dong Family
    Charlene Drew Jarvis
    Scott and Kristen Franklin
    Jonica and Wayne Gibson
    Elizabeth Hormel
    Jeff Hunt '01
    Tasha L. Jackson-Jones and Damian R. Jones
    Gilbert and Elizabeth Kaplan
    Morgan Landy and Katharine Landfield
    Jane Lieberman and Michael D'Amato
    Luther i. Replogle Foundation
    Valerie Parker and Peter Mellen
    Jean Mooskin and Monica Miracky
    James and Caitlin Oppenheimer
    Donna Orem and Richard Mirsky
    David Plotz and Hanna Rosin
    Maria and Martin Rodil
    Josh Rosenbaum and Wendy Meltzer
    Peter and Pam Sheridan
    The Nathan Cummings Foundation
    Carole Yanofsky '83 and David Anderson
  • $9,999 and Below

    Anonymous (5)
    John Walsh and Joan Alker
    Richard Albores and Louellen Stedman
    Roger Colaizzi and Allyson Senie
    Thomasenia Duncan
    Peter Eisler and Mimi Hall
    Robert Hartheimer and Nancy Golding
    Jeffrey Goodell and Beth Kanter
    Frank and Isabel Gottron
    Suzanne Hudgens
    Albert Hunt and Judy Woodruff
    Jason Hutt and Maria O'Donnell
    Patricia King Jackson
    David and Kristie Kully
    Rimas and Ruta Puskorius
    Jennifer Kozak Rawlings
    Matt Rennie and Kathleen Murray
    Dick and Pat Roth
    Siobhan Roth '88 and Joseph Fiorill
    Steven Salky and Gail Ifshin
    Raymond and Suellen Savukas
    Robert and Susan Shaughnessy
    Steven and Stephanie Silverman
    Tom Thomas and Terry Clifford
    Susan Willens
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