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Senior Projects

Senior Projects

The Senior Project Program gives students an opportunity to pursue interests and passions beyond the classroom, and allows them to explore and contribute to communities and workplaces outside of Burke.
Students work with their families, the service learning director and their advisor to find and develop a meaningful internship or project that takes place outside Burke in mid to late May of their graduating year.

The project should be unique to the student’s interests, passions, and/or career goals. Beginning early in the year, students work to a) connect with a community partner to engage in an internship, a service project, or a job, or b) conduct an independent study of a personally meaningful issue. Students may partner with other students in a small group.

To fulfill the requirements of the Senior Project, a student must  (a) submit and present their project proposal by the end of the second school trimester, (b) spend the last two weeks of May completing their project, and (c) present to the Burke community when they return. Senior Projects require a significant investment of time, effort and initiative on the part of the student, but alumni who have completed projects agree that it was one of the most rewarding experiences of their Burke career. In the recent past, students have:

  • Designed an anthropological study of DC barbershops
  • Volunteered at Iona Senior Services to better understand Alzheimer’s disease
  • Directed a social justice play at Lowell School on micro-financing in rural Haiti
  • Interned at the US Botanic Garden (which led to a paid summer job!)
  • Interned with the marine conservation group Oceana and gained valuable advocacy and job experience
  • Shadowed at a Burke parent’s cancer treatment practice
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