Burke Life
Senior Projects

How To Get Started

Outlined here are the major benchmarks and deadlines for the Senior Project. While the Senior Project Coordinator, Senior Grade Dean and Senior Advisors will frequently remind seniors about upcoming deadlines, it is ultimately students’ responsibility to stay on top of the process:

  • Summer before senior year: Brainstorm!
  • First Trimester (September 1 to November 24): Continue to brainstorm with parents, teachers, advisors, the Senior Project Coordinator. Begin to reach out to potential community partners.
  • January: Reach out to potential contacts in your network. Work with advisor to review proposal.
  • February: Seniors pitch their project proposals to a committee comprised of the Senior Project Coordinator, the Senior Grade dean, and students’ advisor.
  • By March 2 (end of the 2nd trimester): All seniors have pitched their proposals and potentially received final approval. If a student does not present to the satisfaction of the committee, the committee will provide additional guidance for the student and set a follow-up proposal date.
  • April 3: Senior Project approval form due with signatures of seniors, parents/guardians and community partners.
  • May 14 to 25: Senior Projects take place.
  • May 29: Seniors present to the school community on their experiences and  share how Burke prepared them to engage fully in the experience. See expectations of Senior Project Presentations under FAQs.
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