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Grade Competitions

An irreverent Burke tradition, “grade competitions” involve battles of wit and whimsy throughout the year – resulting in eternal bragging rates for the grade that accrues the most points.
At March’s Pi Day Assembly, following Pi-themed spoken word by our Head of School and fun Pi facts from Rachel Z. '22 and Jacob Z. '22, came the "Digits of Pi" Recitation Contest, with some incredible showings by:
1st - Will K. '27 - 201 digits
2nd - Sylvie M. '28 - 161 digits
3rd - Gabriel B. '22 - 112 digits
Back in February, we closed out the 2nd Trimester with an “Anything But a Backpack” Day (pictured), wherein students showed off creative (if impractical) backpack alternatives. Winners were:
1st - Elijah S. '24 - recycling bin, procured from uncertain source
2nd - Fin T. '23 - chest cavity of a friendly skeleton
3rd - Jack J. '26 - classic guitar case approach
Editor's subjective honorable mention goes out to the 6th graders who discovered that the Burke iPad is a great fit for a cereal box (pictured below).
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