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Hearts & Minds & Hands

A tactile, multi-sensory approach to science and health education extends across grade levels.
7th Grade
In Amy C.'s Life Science class, students demonstrate their understanding of the circulatory system by using "unconventional materials" (including edible ones!) to build a 2D model of the heart and indicate how blood flows through it.

8th Grade
In Stacy S.'s 8th Grade Health course, students take a hands-on approach by modeling the human brain – directly on their desks with play dough and Expo markers. In preparation for a service learning project, students are exploring human development from birth through early adulthood
10th Grade
Noticed hammering from the Chemistry Lab recently? Morgan G. clarifies that it's not the renovation project, but Chemistry students investigating various elements to determine whether they are metals or non-metals. Properties tested include appearance, conductivity, reaction with acid, and whether substances are malleable or brittle (hence the hammering).
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