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Welcome to Middle School

Susan Hearn, Dean of Middle School
From a speech delivered in September 2020

Welcome, everyone. I am Susan Hearn, Dean of the Middle School. This is my 28th year at Burke. I teach 7th grade Language Arts. I am also the proud parent of two Edmund Burke graduates, classes of 2014 and 2016.
At Burke we believe the world is diverse and dynamic. Through experiences that foster creativity, self-discovery, and wonder, our middle school students cultivate the skills and habits of mind they need to become critical thinkers and passionate learners. Burke students learn to collaborate with others and excel as individuals, ready to embrace the opportunities and meet the challenges of the future. We empower global citizens to change the world. 

That’s ambitious, I know.

Middle school is an exciting, challenging time. In these years your children will undergo faster and more significant changes than they have since infancy. They grow taller, their social interactions change dramatically, and they begin to be able to think more abstractly. Young teens are starting to navigate the path to becoming adults; they want to be more self-reliant, and they relish taking charge of their own education.

That said, they’re not adults yet. We expect them to make mistakes and need support. Here at Burke, we provide them with a strong community, a rigorous education, a faculty advisor, and many opportunities to try new things, and we partner with parents through these exciting, tumultuous times. Their team – made up of their teachers, their parents, and the student – works together to help them grow and to be more independent and resilient. They are also emerging crusaders for justice, and we give them the education and opportunities to develop their passions.
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