COVID-19 Resources

Operating Status

Updated on Monday, March 30:

Edmund Burke School will be closed until Monday, May 11. Our online learning program will begin on Monday, March 30, followung Spring Break.

We are monitoring the spread of the novel coronavirus and will continue to update this page. 

Current Burke families may access our Resource Boards for COVID-19 and for Online Learning by logging into SIS and clicking on "Resources(pictured on the right).

Communications & Resources

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  • School-Wide Communications

    Burke has sent school-wide communications on the following dates:

    • Resources & Reminders for COVID-19 | February 2020 - sent on February 28
    • Updates Regarding COVID-19 | March 2020 - sent on March 9
    • Schedule Changes and COVID-19 Updates | March 2020 - sent on March 12
    • Further Schedule Updates for COVID-19 | March 2020 - sent on March 13
    • Update on COVID-19 | March 2020 - sent on March 18
    • Letter from Lucy | March 2020 - sent on March 19
    • Update on COVID-19 | March 2020 - sent on March 23
    • Introduction to Online Learning | Spring 2020 - sent on March 26
    • Letter from Lucy | March 2020 - sent on March 28
    • Welcome from Damian | March 30 2020 - sent on March 30
    • Tuition and Aid for 2020-21 | April 2020 - sent on April 1
    • Survey: Week 1 of Online Learning | April 2020 - sent on April 3

    If you have not received any of these communications, please let us know.
  • Online Learning

    All Burke students have school-issued iPads through our 1:1 tablet program. As technology and media already play a significant role in our classrooms, we hope that this transition will be relatively seamless – and even enable us all to learn and create in new ways.
    In designing our online learning program, we followed these principles and goals:

    • Deliver a meaningful and engaging learning experience to students while Burke is closed
    • Keep the expectations and execution as simple, clear, and consistent as possible
    • Leverage existing technologies (e.g., SIS, iPads), skills, and habits of teachers and students
    • Support teachers, students, and families
  • Required Technologies

    Checklist for Online Learning:

    • Internet access
    • Burke-issued iPad
    • Burke Student Information System (SIS)
    • Google Apps: Email, Drive, Docs, etc.
    • Google Hangouts Meet*
    Need support or have questions? Let us know.

    * Requires a laptop, desktop, or the Hangouts app on a phone or iPad that has been updated to iPad OS 13.3.
  • Governments & Institutions

  • News & References


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