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Service Trips

The purpose of Burke’s service trips is to immerse students in a particular environment so they learn about communities different from their own, understand how their service can support community development, and deepen their commitment to be engaged and concerned citizens capable of making a difference in the world. We know we have succeeded when students can look into other’s eyes with their eyes and put their hearts near other’s hearts.

On each of these trips, students build community with one another and their chaperones and form unique friendships beyond the confines of Burke. As a group, they also explore what it means to build community in the “real world” and return to the questions, “What value does our service work hold? What impact are our actions having on the communities we are working with and learning from? What impact on are the individuals we engage having on us? How are these community members teaching us about resilience? How are they shaping us into more caring, engaged, and committed young citizens?”

Current Service Trip Opportunities

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  • Post-Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Trip to the Jersey Shore

  • Wilderness Expedition and Environmental Stewardship in West Virginia

  • Community Building Trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota

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