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"I like our unique schedule - it would be boring to have the same class after lunch everyday. Having classes meet at a variety of times keeps things exciting." – a Burke student
Math class first thing in the morning every day? English always at 2:10 PM? Not at Burke.

We understand that everyone has cognitive highs and lows throughout the day, which is why we rotate class times on a seven-day cycle. Instead of Monday – Friday we have color days: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. So if it’s a Red day, you could have English first period. And the next time the class meets, on an Orange Day, English is last. On Yellow days, it’s 5th period, and so on. So you're not always sleepy, hungry or wired when you have a particular class.
It may look confusing at first, but we’ve found that it’s easy to pick up – in fact, most new students get it faster than new teachers and parents.
This schedule also allows students to take a wider variety of classes, and avoids the pitfall of always losing Monday and Friday periods to holidays. And it gives us the flexibility to build in double periods for field trips and labs, as well as office hours for students to get help from teachers.
As students get older, their schedules contain more free periods. We expect Burke students to make good use of these times to seek help, work on projects or to collaborate with their peers. By the time they are seniors, Burke students have learned how to be independent and manage their time – important skills for college.
You’ll notice we also have a regular mid-morning break and a generous 45 minutes for lunch. This makes for more focused and productive students - and adults!
The graphic below shows you how a sample schedule might look. Each letter represents a class and when it might meet:
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