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Leadership is one of Burke signature programs. It's designed to give students the skills and opportunities they need  to become leaders, both at Burke and beyond.  Some of the techniques we teach are how to organize and inspire a group, how to plan and run an event, and how to run a meeting - important skills for school and life.
Here is an outline of the program:

8th Grade
The entire grade goes on a day-long retreat to foster team-building, joined by several members of the HS leadership program. In the winter trimester during leadership periods (twice a cycle), students discuss basic concepts of leadership and work in groups to plan and execute three special events for others outside the grade.
Retreat: October

9th Grade
The entire grade goes on a day-long retreat to discuss basic concepts of leadership. This retreat is run by juniors and seniors.
Retreat: January

Leadership Year 1
10th - 12th Grades
During the beginning of sophomore year, students can choose to join the Leadership program. Those who sign up must participate in the fall retreat, and two regular meetings. After these mandatory activities, they can choose to be involved in the planning/running of Founders' Day.
Fall Retreat: October
Spring Retreat: March
Meetings: Four afternoons 

Leadership Year 2
11th - 12th Grades
Year 2 is an option for students who have participated in Year 1. It requires four meetings. Year 2 students can also participate in the spring retreat and the running of Founders' Day.
Spring Retreat: March
Meetings: Four afternoons

Leadership Year 3
11th - 12th grades
Year 3 students lead the retreats, the middle school leadership projects and Founders' Day. They attend the Facilitator's retreat and participate in the meetings listed above as well as training sessions with our leadership staff.
Retreat: September
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