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Monthly SEED Seminars at Burke

“SEED gave me the opportunity to meet other Burke parents and talk about complex issues in an atmosphere of growth.” - a Burke Parent

Edmund Burke School is proud to offer a Parent SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) Seminar for the 2019-20 school year. SEED is a monthly discussion group that helps participants explore issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity through personal reflection, highly structured group discussion, and experiential activities.
We seek a diverse group of Burke parents to join our new cohort because we believe that it is through listening to others' stories and learning together that we can best explore various forms of inequality and develop effective strategies for challenging them.
The SEED Seminar provides Burke parents:
  • A diverse community of adults committed to intentionally exploring various forms of oppression and inequality, as well as strategies for disrupting them
  • A challenging, but safe, environment for self-reflection and interpersonal dialogue about issues of race, religion, gender, sexual identity, class, (dis)ability, and more
  • An opportunity to see ourselves and others—and the systems in which we live our lives—more fully
  • A way to meet other Burke parents and build a stronger sense of community
  • An opportunity to deepen our understanding of the issues our children face in and out of school
We will meet one evening a month for 2.5 hours from October to May, starting with a simple shared meal. Because each meeting will build on the work we have done before, it is important to plan to attend all nine meetings. There will be no lectures, and homework will be minimal. No previous experience necessary to participate.

Meeting Dates: Thursdays from 6:30-9 PM at Burke
  • October 3
  • November 7
  • December 5
  • January 2
  • February 6
  • March 5
  • April 2
  • May 7
  • May 28
You can find more information about the National SEED Project at nationalseedproject.org.
Questions? Please contact Nancy Martin or Vicki Gersten.

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What Parents Have to Say About SEED

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  • “Being part of a community of parents who wanted to learn how to better identify and interrupt racism was such a hopeful and empowering experience. So necessary in our trying times.”

  • “It was very moving to hear people talk about their lives around issues of race, class and gender -- and to share my own stories.”

  • “Our SEED discussions were thought provoking and energizing!”

  • “SEED allowed us to build community and made us better equipped to confront, in our selves and our own spheres, individual and systemic racism and other forms of oppression. More clearly necessary with each passing day."

  • “SEED gave me the opportunity to meet other Burke parents and talk about complex issues in an atmosphere of growth.”

  • “SEED is a positive, life-changing program that challenged me to reflect on my own experience and constructively push for change.”

  • “SEED was a great environment in which to explore diversity.”

  • “The SEED seminar allowed us to explore how to create an even better community and school climate at Burke.”

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