Burke Life

Advisory Program

Each year we pair up every student with an advisor with whom they meet regularly to talk about school work, extracurricular interests, friendships– whatever is on the student’s mind. Advisors monitor grades, talk with parents and work closely with other teachers.

They also organize the Family Conference – a Burke speciality that keeps each student accountable for his or her progress. It is not unusual for alumni to keep in touch with their previous advisors long after they leave Burke. Relationships built here last way past graduation.
The Student Information System on our website allows every teacher to send a quick message whenever homework is missing, a grade is slipping, or when a child has excelled at a project or made a terrific contribution to a class. These comments go to the student, the parents and the advisors – everyone stays informed, and no child at Burke “flies under the radar.”

Family Conference Dates
October 25-26, 2019
April 16 & 17, 2020
“We really keep track of what the kids are doing, which allows us to focus on what they need, where they are. I don't think any other school in the area has such an intense advisory program.”
—Burke teacher
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