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Edmund Burke School competes in the Potomac Valley Athletic Conference (PVAC). Our swimming team also participates in The Washington Metropolitan Prep School Swimming and Diving League.

Program & Philosophy

Mission: we create an atmosphere where students feel safe and learn to challenge themselves and their teammates in a way that builds skills, confidence, and character.

Philosophy: we eschew the "win-at-all-cost" model of coaching in favor of both wanting to win and using sports to teach broader lessons; draw from the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), a nonprofit founded by Stanford University.

Core Values:

Teamwork: working together in a positive and inclusive manner toward a common goal; sharing responsibility toward continued improvement

Hard Work: giving it your all, even when challenged and pushed to your limits; being consistent and balanced through exhaustion and staying focused on the tasks at hand

Commitment: consistently showing up on time, prepared and ready to focus on giving your best effort for yourself and for the team

Respect: combining dignity and empathy, best expressed through both verbal and non verbal communication

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Athletics Department

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  • Photo of JD Sand

    JD Sand 

    Athletics Director
    202-362-8882 x619
    University of Phoenix - B.A.
    Canisius College - M.S.
  • Photo of Kevin Forde

    Kevin Forde 

    Assistant Athletic Director
    202-362-8882 x674
  • Photo of Brian Bobo

    Brian Bobo 

    PE Department Chair / MS & HS PE
    202-362-8882 x673
    Catholic University of America - B.A.
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