ART BUSTS OUT [ while Burke stays in ]

In Spring 2020, the Visual & Performing Arts faculty at Burke invited the community to share work created in quarantine.

Art transcends time and space, and we strive to stay connected through acts of creation.

    • "Earth's Insecurities" by Tessa L. '25

    • "Bounce" Collage by Xiyao D. '22

    • Untitled - Vidya S. (Faculty & Parent '20)

"Dreamscape" by Jesse L. 23

    • Collage - Isabella G. '21

    • Untitled - Phoenix G. B. '24

" ... My apartment unit is small, warm, and cozy like a hearth. Our walls are the color of vanilla. Not like snow in the dead of winter. I have my own study space too. It’s bigger than an office cubicle,  and I have my own desk of rectangular gray wood to keep me company. There is a window in my space. My window contains vanilla blinds and a clear glass slide to let in the sweet, fresh air. When I’m studying, I enjoy the smell of nature filling my study space hungrily, consuming my space with cool air." -- Anina H. '24
Poetry by Anina H. '24 - read more here!
    • Untitled by Rebecca M. '21

    • "my blue Corona" - Susette G. (Parent '19 and '26)

    • Handmade Friendship Bracelets by Gabrielle B. '23


"Cherries, Orange, Watermelon" by Gabrielle B. '23

    • Untitled - Maite B. G. '24

    • "After Edward Hopper" - Georgia S. '22

    • "Portrait of Eshwa" by Eliza W. '22

    • "Carpenter Bee" by Natalie T. '21

Untitled - Jaya T. '25

Three-Part Series (excerpt) - Julia B. '23

    • Untitled by Graham V. '24

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