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50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 Years of Burke

In the spring of 1968, Dick Roth and Jean Mooskin decided to start a school. Their goal was a place where students have power and responsibility, and where teachers use discussion, debate, and discovery to inspire students.

They picked Edmund Burke as the namesake for this school, in part because he represented a voice of thoughtful reason and moral clarity during a time of political turmoil. From the fight for civil rights in late sixties America, to today's tumultuous American political climate, Edmund Burke's exhortations to stand against injustice continue to be relevant and important. As does the vision of our founders.

Fifty years later, Burke is still a place where students are empowered, where thoughtful debate is the norm, and where students learn how to make positive contributions in their communities, in college, and in the world. We are proud that we have stayed true to our mission all these years, and we believe the need for a school like Burke is as pressing now as it was back in 1968.

"Celebrate" the 50th!

50th Anniversary Block Party - Sept. 7, 2018

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Co-ed, progressive, college prep school in Washington, DC featuring a challenging curriculum in an inclusive environment for grades 6-12.